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Brendan (left) charms Pete out of his jeans, so they can play with each other's posts. Their film is featured on Sean Cody.

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Rub Piss on Your Dick, Shower, and Then Fuck Like No Tomorrow
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Learn from the Strange, the Normal, and the Beautiful of Hot Model Zack Vázquez
Washington, Washing--ton! 6-Foot-8, Weighs a Fucking Ton!
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Facebook All American Guys Bans Blogger
Blogger Swims Nude, Wins Comment Contest
Worship the Fertility God Warren Cuccurullo

The Time's Always Right for Nature's Viagra
Fucking Talk Like a Man!
Jack Off to the Jams of Giraffes!
I Would Do Anything for Sex, but I Won't Do That
Blogger's Precum Comment Wins Award
Gloria aestati / Glory be to the Summer
Revel in the Hot Comedy of Mike Polk, Jr.
Act Like You've Got a Pair: Kiss Your Hot Studly Guy in Public!
Follow the Bad-Ass Urban Acrobatics of 3Run
Fuck Yeah, I'm a Butch Faggot! You Got a Problem with That, Buddy?
Walk the Walk of a Fucking Hot Male Model
How to Chat Up a Boy and Get Laid
Real Men Take Turns Fucking Each Other
Enjoy Video about Premature Ejaculators
How to Become a Multiorgasmic Stud
Sexual Cleanliness is Next to Greek Godliness

I Fucked a Dream Made Flesh
I Discovered Porn in a Creek
Malebranche Gets Horny for Manly Men
How I Conquered My Ticklish Frenulum
Parade Around Naked in the Locker Room
I Could Fuck a Million Boys
How to Become a Muscular Motherfucker
Swim Naked with a Raging Hard-On!
Ancient Western History for Rowdy Faggots
Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump Around!
Welcome to the Fucking Fraternity!