Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Swim Naked with a Raging Hard-On!

I'm a closet nudist. I sleep naked, I jump rope nude at home, and I don't wear anything under my shorts, when I run outside or do stadium steps. I've even run naked when the coast was clear, but nothing beats the freedom of swimming nude. Gliding through water with nothing on is the ultimate sports rush.

Once, I lived in a neighborhood where everyone turned in early. There was a pool at an apartment complex nearby, and I took full advantage of it. I would do my late night running, and then I would strip down and jump in the pool. No one was the wiser. No one left their apartment. No one drove their car. No one came to the pool. It was just me, a tall naked white guy swimming laps.

Sometimes, I would get a woody while freestyling or doing the butterfly. It felt so fucking fantastic! I would swim faster while hard. Maybe it was the rush from feeling horny, but then again, my hard cock was hydrodynamic. I was fucking water.

Another time, I lived near a beach. Man, I enjoyed going out at night and jumping in the ocean naked with whatever boyfriend I had or hot boy I was dating. We would play and wrestle and splash each other, and sometimes we would end it all by jacking each other off at the water's edge.

When I was growing up, people called it skinny-dipping, but that term seems rather feminine and old-fashioned now. I prefer swimming nude, naked, in the raw, buck-ass naked, naked as a jaybird, or my favorite: swimming with balls out and bare-assed. I credit that last one to Kevin Arnold, the guy who inspired this blog.

Our male ancestors swam buck-ass naked --in times ancient and modern. The man's bathing suit dates from the 1700s, but many males continued to swim nude, especially when females were not around. In the early Twentieth Century, many pools even required male nudity. Lint from wool and cotton bathing suits would clog the pool filters of the time. When the YMCA began to admit women in the early 60s, male swimsuits became the norm there.

Real men grab every chance to swim in the raw. It's liberating. It's revolutionary. It's sexually-charged. There's nothing more inspiring than watching naked athletic guys splash around in the water. I get all precum wet just thinking about it. Okay guys, it's time to strip. Jump in! The water's fine.

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Naked White Diver 1 -- Unknown origin;
Latin Hard-On 2 -- Max Schutler;
River Nude Dudes 3 -- Playgirl;
Hot Beach Ass 4 -- Unknown origin. 

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  1. there are many men my age (55) who long for the days of nude swimming at the YMCA. It just seems natural not to wear anything if your going to get wet all over, but also it feels great gliding through the water. I've been to nude swimming parties and enjoyed the company of guys relaxed and friendly around the pool. Too bad there is no male-only health club chain that doesn't frown on men being casually naked together in a nonsexual way.

  2. Hiippy Hollow state park in Texas is a clothing optional park. Have enjoyed it there many times.