Thursday, March 26, 2009

Follow the Bad-Ass Urban Acrobatics of 3Run

Whoa, dudes! Check this video out. It fucking rules. In Brothers' Journey, 3Run's Cole and Chase Armitage showcase their free running skills in various settings. The stunts and choreography are bad-ass, but they're also fucking beautiful. Cole and Chase glide through the air with athletic grace, and some of the park, coastal, and architectural settings take your breath away. It's an obstacle course on steroids.

3Run is a British production company specializing in free running. Their website is The British urban sport grew out the Twentieth Century French military obstacle course tradition, known as parcours in French and Parkour in English. Free running began hitting the media in the 90s. Americans probably know it best from the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale and Madonna's Jump video from the same year.

Free running is a combination of Parkour, acrobatics, martial arts, and good old-fashioned movie stunts. Those who like to watch skateboarding will love free running. It takes on obstacles that are out of reach for skateboarders.

The free runners I've seen are lean and mean. They tend to be on the tall and toned side. When they do their stunts shirtless or in muscle Ts, they're so fucking beautiful, man. Wish I could move like that. I'd love to impress a date with a free running move. Talk about sealing the deal. I'll start out slow and very, very safe. It's a dangerous sport, but that's why it's so fucking hot.

Additional Photo Credit:
Daniel Craig as James Bond 2 -- Casino Royale. Dir. Martin
     Campbell. Columbia Pictures, 2006.