Saturday, December 31, 2016

What Happens When the Luster Becomes the Lusted?

Behold the naked jock! He straddles two pipes and opens his arms. He's disarmingly handsome --baby-faced and muscular. His penis and body are shaved clean, save for a modest patch of pubic hair. What does it all mean?

This is "David -- Ammo Factory Ruins 1995" by photographer Robert John Guttke. The title is matter-of-factly: We have the model's name, a place, and a year. Guttke is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and there are World War II ammunition-plant ruins nearby.

However, the mysterious elements of the picture make it one of the most intriguing images of male nude photography. David looks off in the distance and almost dares us to admire his physical beauty. How many Greek gods have we admired in secret? Have some noticed our stolen glances? Have some enjoyed it?

The model's arms are open, almost inviting us to lust after him. His hands are turned towards the wall for stability, but his down-turned wrists also imply power over us. David's muscles are well-proportioned, and his ankles are crossed --a common posture of guys who play catcher. Is he a power bottom?

Perhaps the most elusive element is the two pipes. Does he enjoy double penetration? By taking two dicks, his ass symbolically becomes "two holes." Also, two holes get fucked in a ménage à trois chain.

On the other hand --pun intended-- our model's sexuality could be more varied. He could simply be versatile. He and his boyfriend fuck each other: 1 butt + 1 butt = 2 holes. He could also be a two-timer: He screws two guys, two girls, or a guy and a girl.

The symbolism of the two pipes could even be more general. They call to mind a double barrel shotgun or two gun turrets on a battleship. Having sex with a ripped guy seems to "double" the load he blows. After all, you're fucking a massive dude. David's impressive physique of course attracts all manner of women, who in turn want him to father their children. He could repeatedly shoot sperm inside several vaginas and engender a new army of good-looking muscle boys.

Such is David's charm that he could also shoot blanks inside men. Some beautiful guys have admitted to bisexuality on TV, no less. Then, there's homophobic hypocrisy: The more homophobic the guy, the gayer he is.

Men are constantly at war. They always have to prove themselves, but having a manly, developed body makes victory more possible. It doubles our chances of being admired and lusted after.

Muscular symmetry commands attention: two pecs, two quads, two calves, two biceps, two triceps, two shoulders, two butt cheeks, etc. A swole body frames the penis. Athletic looks convey health --and virility.

We could go on and on, and that's the greatness of the picture. It's so ambiguous it invites all kinds of interpretations. There are so many male nudes to admire, but this one invokes a religious mystery.

Most gay men admire built dudes, but at what cost? How many muscle boys have we acted like fools over? How many of us have taken steroids to get the same attention? What a tragedy! They fuck up your dick and cause organ failure. There are no shortcuts.

How many of us bulk up using the more effective and healthy method of periodization? Does it change us? What happens when the bullied becomes the bully? What about our sexual history? Do we laugh about it, or are we ashamed of it?

Yes, it's easy to admire David, but his pose is also a mirror. What have we done that's admirable? How have we improved our own looks? Did it change our personalities? Have we become real men? Does our old self die, or do we remember the long road? Are we two-faced or rags to riches? Can they trust us now?

Photo credits:
Pipe Dream 1 -- "David -- Ammo Factory Ruins 1995" (Pipe
     Version) by photographer Robert John Guttke;
Cruising 2 -- Unknown origin;
Ménage à trois 3 -- Cory (right) fucks Dean, who fucks Randy in
     Bareback Threeway for Sean Cody;
Gay Sex 4 -- Tanner (top) fucks Brandon for Sean Cody;
Stud on the Rocks 5 -- "David -- Kettle River 1995" by
     photographer Robert John Guttke;
Contrapposto 6 -- "David -- Ammo Factory Ruins 1995" (Tower
     Version) by photographer Robert John Guttke;
Male Nude Art Model 7 -- Léon Bonnat Studio at the School of
     Fine Arts in Paris, circa 1900.