Sunday, January 11, 2009

Real Men Take Turns Fucking Each Other

Want a good laugh? Brouse any dating website, and you'll see the stupidest, most idiotic, dumb fuck comments about sex. Some guys say, "I'm 100% top," or "I'm a total bottom," or my favorite, "I'm straight as an arrow." What the fuck ever!

Gay, bi, straight, top, and bottom are nothing but social labels. They have nothing to do with what goes on in the bedroom. I've dated guys who swore up and down they were completely top, but when we got naked, they all spread their legs for me. I'd like to brag that I'm a notorious top flipper, but the truth is, it's not that hard to do.

All guys who fuck around with guys eventually come to the same conclusion: Playing pitcher and catcher is Paradise on Earth. Versatile: Now that's a label for hypermasculine motherfuckers. It fucking means something. Versatile means really experienced. It means no sexual hangups whatsoever. It means a guy who enjoys the full range of his sexuality.

A man's man fucks ass, and then takes it up his ass. What? He bottoms for some guys? Isn't that passive? Isn't that feminine? Isn't that being someone's bitch? Isn't that enjoying sex like a woman? Isn't that a flaming faggot thing to do?

Far fucking from it. A case in point: American military men are national symbols of masculinity. They defend the country, they fuck everything that moves --in several countries-- and they love --I mean, love-- having dicks up their asses. Why's that?

I think I know why. I enjoy fucking guys. I love how my dick feels when I top. I get off working a guy's ass and watching him cum, but a man's got to have some variety in his life. Playing pitcher all the time gets boring. That's why I ask my boys to fuck me sometimes.

The experience is totally different for me. Taking a dick up my ass makes every inch of my body feel so fucking great. Oh! It's not just my dick that's high, and the cumming is totally spontaneous. Man! That orgasm comes out of fucking nowhere. I can predict and control it while pitching, but catching's a different story.

I think military fuckers, like other men's men, really dig the world of difference bottoming brings. All that fucking teaches them what a riot being versatile is, and there's nothing sissy about it. Watch a Pierre Fitch video, if you want to see what an aggressive butch bottom motherfucker is like.

He says, "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, I love how you fuck my ass, oh, fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck me harder, fuck me harder, oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me harder, oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, FUCK yeah, FUCK yeah, FUCK yeah, OH, OH, OH, OH."

Love him or hate him. You've got to admit the guy's got balls. He tops and does ménage à trois like most gay porn stars, but his pièce de résistance is mean, rough and tough, loud trade while playing catcher. Topping and bottoming with aggressive enthusiasm is great fun, and it makes a man out of you.

Every guy should have a boyfriend to pitch and catch with. I think the straight world has so many problems, because males get bored out of their skulls topping their women. Some guys become alcoholic golfers. Others ask their girls to finger them, or worse yet, fuck them with strap-ons, but there's nothing like a dick.

For those gay guys who call themselves total bottoms because of lack of size, cut it out! Keep fucking. God gave you compatible partners to top. Find them. They're out there. Some guys really get off on the back door stimulation of a shorter dick.

The taboo against taking it up the ass comes from the Romans. To them, a real man penetrated males and females, but he was never penetrated himself. What a fucking lame tradition! Avoiding versatility is sexually ignorant and repressive. It's time to open up and enjoy male sexuality to its fullest extent. I mean, one million American servicemen can't be wrong.

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