We're #1

John Pruitt, Bow & Arrow (1984) by photographer Jim French is a humorous combination of the literal and the symbolic. There's the actual bow and arrow, but model John Pruitt poses in the shape of another bow, making his erect penis the second arrow. The picture has potential energy. The arrow is waiting to be released, and Pruitt's semen is waiting to be ejaculated.

Welcome to the award-winning weblog Masculine Gay Guys. We're known for our gay humor. In our short existence, we've earned two comment-writing titles:

     Winner of the Facebook Manhunt Comment Contest
     January 2010

     Winner of the Manhunt Daily Breaks 2 Million Contest
     May 2009

We're also very proud to inform you that we've been banned from making comments on Facebook AAG-AllAmericanGuys.com! Apparently, they didn't appreciate our sense of humor. This is great! We've truly arrived, since our comedy has managed to piss off an entire beefcake company!

Masculine Gay Guys was inspired by a guy named Kevin Arnold. We first knew him as ballsy25 on DList, a now defunct gay male dating site. He showed off his blogs about butch fags and got us reading Androphilia by Jack Malebranche, the current bible of gay hypermasculinity. We had so much to say about what it means to be a real man who loves real men, that we just started a blog of our own.

We have never met Kevin, but we're proud to be his second generation. Our blogs are truly unique on the Internet. Out of the zillions of websites, very few explore masculine gay issues like we do. We think that's pretty cool.

So, enjoy the posts, polls, videos, and hot pictures. Send us your comments and content. You're in good hands --pun intended!