Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump Around!

"Men Nude Running on the Beach" is an action shot by photographer Bruce Weber. He showcases his work on his website

Okay, guys, strip! Right now! Jump up and down. Run in place. Make your dicks slap every which way. It's fucking good for you. This is the way God intended for you to work your body. If you get hard, don't worry about it. Keep running. Get used to it. Your dicks are tougher than you think.

If it hurts, well, you jacked off too hard last time. Give yourself a few days to heal. You'll live. You'll be flapping around in no time.

A funny column on the subject is "Where Have All the Jockstraps Gone?" by Daniel Akst of Slate. Seems Gen X and Y guys have ditched jocks in favor of boxers and boxer briefs. It's just as well. Jockstraps never prevented hernias in the first place.

Akst is a little too old-fashioned to be talking about the subject. He's scandalized by guys who wear boxers at the gym. (Oh my!) He also makes his sons wear cups. (Poor boys!)

The male athletic body is stronger than Akst thinks. We rough boys can wear boxers to work out or even nothing under our shorts. At nude beaches, we can even run fucking stark naked. Our dicks are not going to break.

I jump rope naked inside my apartment. I don't wear underwear when I run --just shoes, socks, and shorts. I especially enjoy hanging loose, when I run stadium steps. Hell, I've even run naked, when no one was around and I could get away with it.

Yes, I get a hard-on sometimes, but I don't worry about it. Men are supposed to get rock hard. That's not a problem. (Not getting hard --now that's a problem.) If you're still embarrassed, just stop for a while. You'll calm down.

The only thing that happens to me with a workout woody is I may get some precum slung on me. Sweet! I wear it as a badge of honor.

Actually, bouncing around while exercising reminds me of rough sex. My balls jump around just as much, when I'm fucking jackhammer speed, but that's another column. In the meantime, enjoy your workouts, guys. Make those balls bounce. Make that shaft slap. Enjoy the fucking freedom. God! It's great to be a young jock flapping free.

Naked male sports, like the soccer match in this orphaned picture, have an interesting history. Some men jump at the chance to play naked. They feel they play better without the weight and restriction of clothes. They also enjoy the freedom of a flapping dick.

The jock has lost its appeal in the athletic world, but it continues to thrill as a fetish and a fashion statement. Here, Timothy John Mandala plays with his jock in Naked Boys Singing on September 28, 2007, at New World Stages, an off Broadway theatre in New York City.

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  1. you sure all these dudes are "pole smokers" I want to believe they are, until i discovered face book, i never realized how many fine looking young men are gay...................i remember somebody once telling me that gay's are 10 per cent of the population. I would think the number would be higher. Is there truly a bi-sexual person. sure anybody can pork anybody, but my understanding is that if you are a man and claim to be a bi-sexual person, then most likely your are actually homosexual.

    anybody want to comment and help clarify