Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Washington, Washing--ton! 6-Foot-8, Weighs a Fucking Ton!

Ha, ha, ha! Check out this funny rap video about our first president. United States history was never this hilarious. Cox & Combes' Washington is the creation of Brad Neely of Neely grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, but now resides in Los Angeles.

The rap video of course takes wild poetic license with Washington's biography. For example, did you know the Father of Our Country had more than one dick? (The rappers Cox and Combes can't seem to decide exactly how many.)

Just as funny is the background music. There's the minimalist presence of a drum and bass guitar. There're also cheap, human-voice, hip-hop sound effects, but the principal instrument is the kazoo of all things. Anyway, enjoy! You'll never think of history the same way again.