Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rub Piss on Your Dick, Shower, and Then Fuck Like No Tomorrow

I want to burst out laughing, whenever I see a guy buying Solarcaine. It's obvious that he's trying to prevent premature ejaculation, but any lover would notice what he was doing. Grabbing a dick with that stuff on it instantly feels weird.

We talked about ejaculation control in our post How to Become a Multiorgasmic Stud. Guys can learn to delay their splooges while jacking off. It takes a little practice, but approaching the point of no return several times and stopping to enjoy dry orgasms can make you a better lover.

This technique, sometimes called edging, requires stopping and restarting during sex, but what if you wanted to suck and fuck all night? What if you got tired of interrupting everything, taking a deep breath, and waiting for the dry orgasm to subside? What if you had total cum control?

The answer has been inside you all along. Urine can soften and thicken the skin. Athletes have known this for generations. Many of them use piss to prevent blisters. Pee can also make you a sexual dynamo.

The first time I tried this, I stepped in the shower and pissed in one of those big, plastic, fast food, drink cups. I poured and rubbed my urine all over my dick and waited five minutes. Then, I took my shower as usual. I did this everyday. I even encouraged my then-boyfriend Diego to do the same. It toughened up our schlongs, but it surprisingly made them very soft, too. We loved how different they felt.

It was as if we had brand new penises, but the real surprise was in the bedroom. We had been a half-hour couple before, but then we had an all night fuck session for the first time. We took turns sucking each other off, doing 69, banging each other's ass, and screaming on every thrust. We had loud, rough sex until dawn. We never came anywhere near cumming!

Exhausted, we lubed up our dicks again and jacked each other off violently to get some satisfaction. We finally blew our loads and covered each other's abs with globs of postponed cum. To top it all off, I squeezed Diego's tool hard and made him scream and laugh. He struggled to pry open my grip. (A guy's dick is very ticklish, just after he spews.)

After that experience, we only put pee on our dicks two or three times a week. We still enjoyed the occasional all nighter, but sometimes, we were just as happy with half nighters, as well as quicker times. Putting piss on our cocks every once in a while opened a new world of options. It gave us control of the clock.

We became men's men. Our uncanny wad control boosted our self-confidence enormously. We became more aggressive at work. We walked around like cocky motherfuckers. We even started attracting women of all things! Everywhere we went, we knew in the back of our minds that we could fuck any which way for as long as we wanted to. I'm sure our sexual pride shined through.

Every guy is different. Some need to put pee on their wieners every day, and others, like my then-boyfriend and I, not so often. Experiment. See what happens in bed. Adjust accordingly.

I don't call my then-boyfriend my ex for a reason. We never officially broke up. Life separated us. We had to take better job opportunities in other places to support our respective parents, but Diego and I never forgot the insane sex we enjoyed. It brought us closer together at the time.

We have gone our separate ways. We have had other relationships, but once every few years, Diego and I find ourselves in the same town, and we fuck each other like jackrabbits. It was all so simple, really: piss on your pecker five minutes before showering. We wished we had known this trick earlier.

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