Monday, January 2, 2012

There's a New World Coming, and It's Just Around the Bend

He was beautiful. He looked like Vin Diesel. The only difference was that his hair was grown out a quarter inch.

He caught my eye at the airport. I was returning home after the holidays. He was seated playing around with his smart phone, while waiting for our flight. It was an ungodly five in the morning.

I looked at him from time to time, while reading the newspaper, and he quickly caught on that I was checking him out. He returned my occasional attention with a cold expression.

So, I knew I wouldn't be chatting him up anytime soon. We later boarded the plane with the other passengers, and irony of ironies, he was in the seat next to me. I don't think he was very pleased with the coincidence. He put on his sunglasses and went to sleep.

The chance seating at least gave more time to enjoy the eye candy. His strong arms and chest contoured his gym franchise shirt, and he sported a slight double chin, suggesting that he was around 30. (Vin Diesel at 44 is also starting to gain weight.)

I soon fell asleep, too. Most everyone was tired from the New Year's parties, but the day after was a great time to fly, due to the low number of passengers and zero probability of delays.

My muscle boy travelling companion and I woke up to the stewardess's prelanding announcement about seat belts, tray tables, and returning seats to their upright position. I wished him a Happy New Year.

He was looked shocked that I had broken our uneasy silence, but he muttered "Happy New Year" back. I'll give him credit. He didn't ignore me or call me a goddamn faggot. He didn't cause some over the top, homophobic drama, either.

My initial attention was unrequited, and exchanging a holiday wish was all I wanted in the end.  So, we both went our separate ways.

This little story is a sign of great progress. The gay panic excuse is becoming obsolete. Americans are generally abandoning the antigay insults and violence.

In the future, gays, bisexuals, and straights will negotiate flirting and social conventions without much fuss. Unwanted attention will be handled with a cold stare, averting the eyes, or a simple "No thank you." This is especially important for American males. Gay guys will be freer to pursue their interests, and their unrequited attentions will no longer be seen as an attack on straight masculinity, but rather just one of those things --something to be shrugged off.

This emerging tolerance of gays will have a positive effect on masculinity in general. Homosexuality will no longer be feared. After all, aren't guys supposed to be brave? Males will finally be themselves, and they will be free to experiment with their sexuality whenever they choose.

The future tolerance will also confirm what we have all known is true. Many straight guys go through a gay stage, and many gay males have had some straight experiences. Male sexuality cannot be contained; it overflows like an eternal spring.

When I was growing up, people would often say this about an alpha male's libido: He's so horny, he screws everything that moves. Even in that repressive time, the team captains and Homecoming kings were given wide sexual latitude. The popular guy privilege will soon be enjoyed by all males.

What of all the school bullying and religious repression that still go on? Well, you can't pray the gay away, and you certainly can't beat the gay away. Those that fight us viciously often are trying to destroy a homosexual part of themselves. A classic 1996 University of Georgia study found that homophobic men became more aroused when watching gay male porn, compared to nonhomophobic men:

So, my little exchange with an airplane muscle dude on New Year's Day was inconsequential in itself, but it spoke volumes about our future. We are living in exciting times. This may very well be the Gay Century. With emerging freedom, we masculine gay guys are going to have the time of our lives.

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