Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jack Off to the Jams of Giraffes!

Hey guys! Check out this fucking hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live (NBC). It starts as a short animal program by the Staten Island Zoo. Moderator Mark Potsic introduces a documentary about giraffes, produced by students from Staten Island Technical High School. Potsic admits he hasn't reviewed the video --a fatal mistake.

What follows is not the promised giraffe documentary, but a satanic rock video featuring heavy metal rants by giraffe cutouts, such as, Vampire blood runs through our veins! Our forked tongues wag, driving you insane! Testosterone-filled rock was never this funny.

In reality, Staten Island Zoo actually exists, along with Staten Island Technical High School. Saturday Night Live even used the actual Staten Island Zoo logo. The skit first ran on 1 November 2008.