Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blogger's Precum Comment Wins Award

Hey there, motherfuckers! Your blog boy Juan Sebastian won a comment contest. The guys at celebrated their two millionth hit by running a competition for the best ten comments.

One post was "Name That Cock," which asked readers to match dick pictures to porn actors' names. For this story, I wrote the following comment: "Hmmm...from the looks of these guys' cocks, maybe I should do porn. Mine is nice and long with a good healthy head --and all the precum a guy could ever want! My boys instantly want to suck me when they see me naked. It's a work of art --and a fountain at that!"

This was from the heart. I wasn't bragging --honest! My boys do fall in love with my dick. At any rate, I won a free month of full access to, like four other winners. The other five won DVDs of gay movies from TLA Entertainment.

Most fun are some of the winners' pen names. The name 1latenight is straight forward, and two names are dick metaphors: Mickey's Mouse and Ray Poirier. (Pourier is French for pear tree.) Tallblond Viking might be interesting to meet. Of course, Aftersakajamie wins the Britney Spears "If You Seek Amy" prize. Possibilities include After, suck a Jamie; After, sack a Jamie; and After suckin', jam me.

Photo Credit:
Erect Penis 2 -- Tyler of Fratmen.