Who am I?

My name is Juan Sebastián, I'm a self-made man, and I'm the author of Masculine Gay Guys. I work for a very conservative company, and I would get fired, if I put my face picture on a pornographic blog, but I'm out in my personal life. (For now, you'll just have to be content with my sexy back.)

I learned very little from my father. He was soft around the edges, he was uninterested in me, and he was a failure in life. So, I had to learn how to become a man elsewhere.

Does this explain my sexuality? Maybe. Did my yearning for a real father inspire my love for hypermasculinity? Perhaps. Have I become everything my father was not? Definitely.

For me, being a hypermasculine gay man is a religion --and a rather pagan one at that. My posts are its mythology. The pictures of handsome, strapping men are its graven images. The visits by readers are its rituals.

I explore butch fag issues in an improvisational way. I want to cover all subjects, but I write when the mood strikes me. That way, the blog almost writes itself.

Above all, this site is interactive. Take our numerous polls. Leave comments. Send pictures. Visit often. Welcome to the fraternity!