Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Worship the Fertility God Warren Cuccurullo

Grace comes from the unlikeliest of places. A naked muscular man, sitting in a jacuzzi, christens his mouth and body with red wine, which runs down to his hardening dick. He has shaved his head and body, in an act of ritual purity, but has only trimmed his chintee and pubic hair, in erotic defiance.

The trimming/shaving contrast makes him a demigod. He is divinely beautiful, but very much a man. His lean muscles and low body fat mean he is strong and virile, yet mythologically attractive.

The red wine is the same color as menstrual blood, an expression of the female. His drinking of the wine/blood is a sexual communion, the ultimate ritual. First, the man licks and arouses the vagina. He revels in the female's fluids, symbolized by the spilt wine on his chest and abdomen. The wine reaches and beckons the dick to stiffen, enter, give pleasure, and impregnate.

The highly charged eroticism of the picture makes him a legendary lover and a fertility god at the same time. He enjoys many women and sires a multitude of children. A beautiful race springs from his loins. He also has spiritual power. Prayers to him help barren women conceive. He is father to all.

What in Hell does all this have to do with masculine gay men? The god's name is Warren Cuccurullo, and he's quite a gay icon. He was 44 when the picture was taken in 2000. It appeared in the Brazilian gay publication G Magazine.

Gay jocks want to be him and sleep with him. Wow! At 44, the guy really knew how to work out and take care of himself. He has also lived quite a life. As a rock guitarist, he played for Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, and Duran Duran. The picture was part of his sojourn into porn from 2000 to 2004.

Ultimately, the red wine serves to remind a masculine gay man that he can be a great dad. He can do the bi thing and sleep with a female friend, who recognizes his potential as a father, or he can donate sperm to a lesbian, who will make him a big part of the child's life. Either way, his children will learn from a father who is respected in the world of men, yet free from the stifling puritanism that plagues many American heterosexual households.

In spite of his potent image, Warren has only one adopted child, who is now in his 20s. Surely, Cuccurullo's blood runs through the children of many a groupie. I mean, he's been in rock since the late 70s, and has kept himself looking hot and strong all along the way. I'm sure generations of women have wanted to have his babies --and have.

I don't have children myself, but someday, I'd like to. When I think about it, I feel a strange sense of renewal and possibility --a desire to give, love, teach, and --get this-- joke around. I would certainly want to be everything my father wasn't. He was such a failure, I had to learn how to become a man by myself.

So, I shamelessly worship the pagan image of Warren Currucullo. I pray for love, strength, beauty, honor, respect, success, and independence. (Hey, I'm a father in training.) Then, when the time is right, I pray for strong sperm to get the job done! I will always love men, and my seed will mainly fall on them, but one day, I will engender a few new gods to roam the earth and spread the religion. The idol will be pleased.

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Concert 3 -- 1999 Duran Duran tour,
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