Monday, December 15, 2008

I Discovered Porn in a Creek

Actress Pam Grier battles a Los Angeles drug cartel in the 1973 blaxploitation film Coffy. In spite of its excessive sexual content, it was one of the first major American movies to feature a black female as the lead character.

My first porn film was a gift from the gods. I was around ten years old, and I loved to play in the creek that ran through the backyard of my dad's house. One day, I found what looked like a home movie in the creek sand. I took it to the house and cleaned it in the kitchen.

Then, I unrolled the film a little and looked at the first images. The title was Horn Blower. Then, the first scene showed a plain-looking white woman mouthing a gun. I asked my dad to show it on the projector.

My step-family was naturally curious about the film I'd found in the creek. My step-sister was there. She was a little older than me. Also, my young step half-uncle and his buddy were on leave from the Navy. We gathered around the projector, and Daddy started the film.

Sure enough, the Horn Blower title ran, and the film opened with that woman mouthing the gun. She did that for a little bit. Then, she took the gun and entered a store. The film went out of focus, but Daddy quickly adjusted the lens. The woman pointed the gun at a male clerk and ordered him to the backroom.

Then, she suddenly lifted her blouse and ordered the man to suck her titty. Just then, the film jammed in the projector. My step half-uncle and his friend burst out laughing, and my step-sister begged my dad to fix the jam and show the rest of the movie. Daddy said we'd seen enough.

I sometimes wonder if my dad intentionally jammed the projector. I also wonder how that cheap vintage porn film ended. I always laugh about how I watched my first porn flick with my step-family, no less. It was a beautiful way to start.

Deep Throat (1972) enjoyed mainstream success and ushered in a short era of tolerance for porn films. Its title was later immortalized as the nickname for the Watergate informant who helped bring down the Nixon administration in 1974.

Debbie Does Dallas (1978) was another successful porn film. In spite of the title, Debbie (Bambi Woods) never reaches Dallas, although she intends to travel there to try out for the "Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders." Instead, she "does" people in her hometown to raise money for the trip.

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