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We guys have all checked our computers naked before jumping in the shower. This hilarious dorm scene is an orphaned picture from the now-defunct site

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We administer three sites on Facebook, Tumblr, and Blogger/Blogspot. All three are called Masculine Gay Guys.

We celebrate real men who love the same, and we regularly feature pictures of handsome, athletic, young guys.

Choose your boundaries

We use the 1984-90 Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system to help you determine your comfort level with our websites.

Blogger/Blogspot Weblog
We favor the older, more understandable X rating. The newer NC-17 is a stigmatized label that is rare in general film distribution.

The Facebook Fan Page is for general audiences. It features G-rated pictures of shirtless young men. This is the same, general-audience half-nudity seen in advertisements, commercial magazines, and publications of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). No midsection nudity or visible penis lines (VPL) are officially allowed on Facebook.

The blogs on Tumblr and Blogger/Blogspot are for adults aged 18 or older. They are rated X for strong language and for pictures of fully naked men engaging in sex acts. The posts are erotic essays about art, sports, health, nudity, comedy, history, censorship, photography, masculinity, homosexuality, and self-improvement.

The Tumblr site is new. Our goal is to build a complete copy of the Blogger/Blogspot weblog. This project will take some time, since our Blogger/Blogspot library contains over 40 posts spanning five years.

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The Tumblr blog carries ads linked to gay male, pornographic websites, as well as the non-pornographic All American Guys. On this version of the blog, everything makes sense. X-rated ads go with X-rated content. Enjoy the hyperlinks.

On the other hand, this Blogger/Blogspot weblog only features ad links to All American Guys (AAG), a beefcake video and photography subscriber service. AAG is not a porn site. There is no sex or full frontal nudity. It features videos and pictures of young male fitness models.

We rate AAG PG-13 for artistic nudity, that is, ABD --all but dick. The buttocks, pubic hair, and visible penis lines (VPL) of AAG models are regularly depicted. Some Americans may find this level of male nudity inappropriate for children under 13.

This ironic ad restriction on Blogger/Blogspot is in compliance with Google's 30 June 2013 policy change regarding blogs with adult content. Even though our blog posts are X-rated, we can no longer carry hyperlinks to gay porn sites. So, while here, enjoy the AAG ads.

Masculine Gay Guys has no control over advertisements that appear on our Facebook Fan Page. Therefore, a rating is not applicable (N/A). We have no legal responsibility for these ads, which are targeted to individual readers' respective web-browsing habits.

Follow your conscience

As with any discussion about ads and content, to each his own. Europeans, for example, generally grow up around nudity in art and mass media, and they turn out all right. They probably even find our MPAA rating system to be a silly and bewildering expression of American puritanism. Religious conservatives, on the other hand, most likely consider the very existence of Masculine Gay Guys scandalous.

If you're a gay, bisexual, or curious guy, we're here for you. Observe our age restrictions, and adopt the sites that are best for you. Above all, have fun!

Say something

1. Send us comments to any post on Tumblr, Blogger/Blogspot, or the Facebook Fan Page for our review.
2. Generally, we publish just about everything.
3. As long as you avoid libel, spamming, child pornography, terroristic threats, contributing to the delinquency of minors, and advocating the violent overthrow of the United States government, we will publish your comments.

Be a legal eagle

1. You must be thirteen (13) or older to visit our Facebook Fan Page.
2. You must be eighteen (18) or older to visit our Tumblr and Blogger/Blogspot weblogs.
3. Original pictures sent to us in Facebook e-mail or comments must be rated G, PG, or PG-13.
4. All photographed people must be eighteen (18) or older.
5. All photographed people must consent to having their pictures sent to an Internet site --no hidden cameras!
6. All received content becomes the property of Masculine Gay Guys.
7. All received content is subject to the editorial decisions of Masculine Gay Guys.
8. Upon visiting any one of our three sites, you contractually agree to these legal conditions, as well as the policies of Tumblr, Facebook, and Blogger/Blogspot.

Help us comply with copyright law

1. Masculine Gay Guys enjoys webmaster/affiliate rights to use pictures from All American Guys (AAG) and several gay male porn sites.
2. We regularly mention and credit works of art, music, cinema, literature, photography, and the Internet for the non-commercial purposes of criticism, education, and creative writing, as permitted by fair use.
3. We try to cite photographers and identify models, whenever possible.
4. Masculine Gay Guys transforms orphaned pictures through creative, non-commercial expressions in fan page posts and erotic essays, as permitted by fair use.
5. Please contact us by e-mail or comment, if you can help us source unidentified pictures.
6. If you are the copyright holder of any image, and you feel our use of it is an infringement, please contact us by e-mail or comment, and we will remove the content.

Photo Credits:
Swimmer Sex 2 -- Gustavo Moraes (left) and James
     Ellis in Andrew Christian swimsuits;
Sweat Pants 3 -- Model Anthony Green by Photographer
     Michael A. Downs for All American Guys (AAG);
Shame on Clothing 4 -- Various actors of Fratpad;
Naked Net Surfer 5 -- Unknown origin;
Reflection 6 -- Chad White.