Saturday, December 6, 2008

Parade Around Naked in the Locker Room

The locker room used to be a nudist colony. We guys would walk around naked and bathe together in the common showers. We were fucking proud of our bodies. We'd talk, laugh, horse around, and pop each other with our towels. If any male was shy about undressing, we'd tell them, "We're all guys here." This meant, "Don't worry," and "Cowboy up," at the same time.

Then, something strange happened as the Gay Movement became more visible. Males started to become ashamed. They turned away from each other while dressing and undressing. They wouldn't be caught dead without towels or clothes on. They quit using the common showers.

Schools and YMCAs started installing private shower stalls. Males started saying things like, "I don't want gay guys checking me out." It was as if guys and locker rooms were recoiling from the world. Males were now more modest than the women!

Real men reject this state of affairs. They fucking use the common showers. They walk around uncovered. They don't get hard, because they've gotten used to being naked. (Practice makes perfect.) They are fearless. If other guys look at them, who the fuck cares? Every American male --whether gay, bi, or straight-- is taught to admire the athletic male body.

It's time to turn back the clock on this one. It's time to shed our paranoia about gays. It's time to enjoy our nudity. We thank God we're men. We thank God we have dicks. We should thank God we have locker rooms. We should enjoy this freedom from clothes and women. This is our world of men. It's where we can express an American masculinity based on fun, courage, fraternity, and self-confidence --not fear, shame, hatred, and isolation.

Take off those towels. Get out of those clothes. Shed those inhibitions. Play rough. Raise hell. Laugh big. Wrestle each other. Pop each other. Cuss up a storm. We're all guys here. Let's fucking act like it.

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