Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to the Fucking Fraternity!

These two guys are the perfect welcoming committee for our fraternity. They are visiting Yosemite National Park in California. We don't know their names, but we enjoy the boy-next-door act that barely covers their wild sensuality.

Hello all you porn-loving frat boys! This corner of the universe is for masculine men who love the same. Some refer to us as butch, college, military, masculine, and hypermasculine. We're also called straight-acting, but that's problematic: There's nothing straight about us.

This blog was inspired by Kevin Arnold. We met him as ballsy25, a hot guy from the now-defunct gay dating site D-List. He used to have a blog called The Language of Masculinity. Unfortunately, he took it down, but I missed it so much, I had to create something similar.

We worship traditionally masculine roles: cowboys, athletes, gym rats, college boys, military trade, blue-collar workers --you name it. We enjoy acting and feeling like real men. We admire and love masculinity in other men.

We hope you'll enjoy our periodic columns and debates about butch fags and what it means to be a real man. This is your rec room. This is your clubhouse. This is your hangout. Enjoy our pinup boys and have a beer on us. We're glad you came --pun intended!

The hot naked Mark Allen stretches out in a vacant room and captures the sensuality of athleticism. In spite of his career in stripping and porn modeling during the early 90s, this is one of only a few artistic pictures of Allen. His photographers did not do him justice. Most of Allen's photos are unfortunately cheap, amateurish, and uninspired.

In the future, hot guys will be allowed to wash their cars naked. It'll save them the hassle of dealing with wet shorts, and it'll give people another opportunity to enjoy male beauty. Model is Taylor Treavon of Badpuppy.

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  1. The men in the 3 pictures above are very HOT !!