Friday, December 5, 2008

I Could Fuck a Million Boys

God! How I fucking enjoy being gay! I love hunting for a hot guy to screw. I get hard for many types: tall, short, slim, muscular, black, white, Latin, Asian, and Middle Eastern. I'm also into regular guys --you know, the ones who are neither tall nor short, fat nor skinny-- just regular guys. They can be very masculine and project a smoldering sexuality. I haven't had any experience with Native American guys, but if they're hot, I'm so in, dude.

My friends express disbelief that I don't have just one specific type. Don't get me wrong. I know male beauty when I see it. A guy has to have that certain it factor. He has to make me hard. He has to make my mouth dry. He has to make me feel a little shy about introducing myself. I muster my courage. I walk up to him. I start a conversation. I'm rarely disappointed.

I want to explore what that it factor is. I can't explain it right now. I'm far too multicultural in my tastes. Maybe someday, I'll find some pattern --some structure-- but for right now, if I want to fuck you, it's for a lot of reasons. I can tell you some of them, but not all. I'll be too busy getting into your pants again and again and again.

Photographer Michael A. Downs took this highly charged shot of model Matt Stone in 2008 in New York City. Stone's zero body fat and trimmed body hair accentuate his muscular torso. The smirk and the holding of the sunglasses is pure male swagger. The pulled down Calvin Klein underwear conveys a potential energy. Stone looks as if he wants to jump out of his Calvins and have sex. The hot picture is featured on the Michael A. Downs vehicle

The first photo is of unknown origin. 

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  1. I can see you have strong inner will about man and that is your true identity/key. Proud with you man :)