Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cum Big, Strong, and Long with Kegel Exercises

The first time I got naked with my boyfriend, we just jacked each other off. We were waiting on our STD test results. So, we did everything short of fucking. We were rubbing our hard cocks together when I came. My boy later told me my splooge hit his face, but I don't remember. When our tests came back negative, we started fucking each other like no tomorrow.

Like most gay men, we're versatile. When whoever is pitching cums inside the catcher, the orgasm is so explosive, it's a religious experience. On the other hand, when the pitcher manages to make the catcher cum, the outside dick spews all over the bed like a human sprinkler.

We don't always cum, when we fuck. Sometimes, we just enjoy banging each other for a good hour or two. My boyfriend is a diver. He loves for me to fuck him as deep as I can, and he enjoys returning the favor. I'm a glider myself. I like repeatedly pushing my cock inside my boy and pulling out until only my mushroom head is inside. I get off on his O-ring kneading every inch of my shaft.

Sometimes, I hold the base of my dick --to maintain my aim-- pull out all the way, and plunge back in. So, we change it up: We dive, glide, pound like jackhammers, and even rock side to side. We've tried most positions, but we prefer whoever is pitcher to stand up or lie down. There's less shoulder strain that way.

How was our sex great from the get go? Well, we're compatible, we're experienced, and we're kegeled. Before we met, we were already doing kegels, or squeezing our pelvic muscles regularly. These exercises give you more explosive, more long-lasting orgasms.

They can also help you spew farther, if you're into measuring cum projectiles and/or posting splooge videos. Get a measuring tape; you'll need it. Word to the wise: Don't film your face. Amateur porn stays on the Internet forever. Your friends, relatives, and co-workers will find out otherwise. Hell, you could even get fired.

Anyway, kegels are named after the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel (1894-1981), who researched the therapeutic uses of pelvic floor exercises. There's a funny debate over how to pronounce kegel, since it's not a subject for polite company. Is it KAY-gull or KEY-gull? What about KAY-jell or KEY-jell? Who knows? Who cares?

You can do kegels anywhere, especially when you're bored: driving alone, doing laundry, standing in line, grocery shopping. Fuck, you can even do them between sets at the gym. Consider it your intimate workout. No one will ever know.

A great time to squeeze the muscles around your dick is after you take a piss. I mean, you have to squeeze out all the urine anyway. No matter how busy your life is, you can always do 25 to 75 short kegels each time you're in the bathroom. It's a habit that's easy to remember and maintain.

If you have time for more formal workouts, start with 25 to 75 short sphincter squeezes. Imagine you're cumming for a long time. Over successive weeks, you can build up to kegels in the hundreds.

Another technique is holding a kegel for a length of time. Start by sustaining each sphincter contraction for five seconds. With practice, you can work up to maintaining one kegel squeeze for 60 seconds.

As in real estate, location is important. For variety, you can do penile and anal kegels separately and together. Most guys already know how do this, when they have to delay going to the bathroom. Playing with kegel location enhances pitcher and catcher sex.

Finally, there's the arousal factor. You can do kegels anywhere while limp, but strengthening your sphincter muscles with a hard-on is great fun indoors. It's also a good party trick to do for your date or boyfriend. How many times can you make your erect dick wave?

So, how do kegels improve sex? By delaying ejaculation just a few seconds more, you build up more semen pressure, which makes you spew more cum at a longer distance with more contractions. It also makes you more of a power bottom. Anally massaging your pitcher's dick gives him a tighter experience.

In the very least, work on short kegel quantity. Your boys will thank you for it. When you have more time, experiment with duration, location, and arousal.

When I met my boyfriend online, we just clicked. We had a lot in common, but the sex enhanced by kegels sealed the deal. We're good in bed --and getting better. Lately, we've set up big mirrors in our bedroom. With our loud trade and sexual endurance, we fuck like porn stars. Kegels are that spark...that is rough, healthy man sex...Now, you have that knowledge...You hold the ecstasy...itself.

Photo credits:
Shower Frontage 1 -- Blake (below) and Stu enjoy foreplay
     for Sean Cody;
Flying Fuck 2 -- Coner (left) bottoms for Brandon in Sean Cody;
Standing Top 3 -- Tanner (left) tops Brandon for Sean Cody;
Black and White 4 -- Dr. Arnold Kegel (1894-1981);
Naked Muscle Piss 5 -- Origin is unknown;
Tall Motherfucker 6 -- Liam Magnuson;
Pool Erection 7 -- Blaine Sumner gets hard for Freshmen;
The Pillar and the Ivy 8 -- Gabriel Clark (left) bottoms for 
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Cumming Inside 9 -- Leo Giamani (left) tops Roman Heart in
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