Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gloria aestati / Glory be to the Summer

Nude model Nicolas C is a mysterious icon of summer love. Has he finished swimming? What is he looking at? Is that his boyfriend's reflection to the left? His backlit hair, neck, and shoulders almost beckon to be touched. The trimmed yet slightly grown out hair on his thick chest is very hot. He hasn't bothered to trim his legs and forearms. Is he following a new trend or was he just lazy? Does he pump iron or is he just naturally muscular? Did he break his nose playing sports? The broadness of the healed break adds a masculine toughness to his angelic face. He's covering his dick with a towel --a puritanical irony-- and his posture is defensively bent. Is his boyfriend teasing him about covering up? Is he trying to grab the towel? This reflects a current reality: Some gay guys are surprisingly modest in front of their boyfriends, when they're not having sex. (Photo courtesy of Cyprien Leym Photographie)

We meet for the first time at a typical place: a bar, a restaurant, etc. The setting isn't important. Our conversation is natural. We can't look at each other without smiling. It's so on. Later, I suggest we go to a park, a beach, or some other quiet place. There we kiss and feel each other.

We enjoy our perpetual embrace, but it's the simple things that are just as hot. I have waited a long time just to touch the side of your face. You have waited just to glide your fingers along the underside of my forearm.

The next night, we take off each other's clothes. We kiss, we touch, we admire, we compliment, we play, we wrestle, we tickle, we roll around, we sexually exercise. We're regular athletic guys. We start to fuck slow, but then build up to a wild speed. We lose ourselves in lube, screams, muscle, and pleasure.

We spend many nights like this --you and I. Our predestined relationship has no name. We don't know what will happen. We don't become jealous. We don't argue. We just enjoy each other's company, each other's body, each other's hot looks, each other's nature.

In the car, we listen to church choirs. In the city, we visit museums. In the gym, we admire our strengths. Outside, we perfect our game. In bed, we talk about everything in between workouts. We find beauty in places overlooked.

We are summer nights. We are songs of crickets. We are dark cool after bright hot. We are gods without names. Every summer, countless lovers read our scripture. They say our prayers. They repeat our rituals. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Amen.

Additional Photo Credits:
Leap Frog 2 -- Forneus (top) envelopes Ryan in this
     Dylan Rosser picture;
Loud Trade 3 -- Trey (right) enjoys being topped by
     Kurt in their Sean Cody feature.

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