Monday, March 2, 2009

Walk the Walk of a Fucking Hot Male Model

Floridian Nick Auger causes a sensation by going commando at the 2004 Fitness and Model Expo (FAME) Model Universe Contest in Miami. Catwalking without underwear was the icing on his 210-pound beefcake. Auger took home the first place trophy and later made a splash as a fitness model.

Want to stop traffic? Practice your catwalk. I'm serious. Military men and marching band guys learn to carry themselves fairly well from all that drill, but modelling really makes you a hot motherfucker.

Male models have a determined walk --not too fast and not too slow. They have a cold stare. They look straight ahead as they walk. They're a little cocky --in more ways than one. They communicate confidence. They make everyone in the room want their dicks.

The first step to turning heads is that old stand-by: the classic pushup. Commit to one set of pushups everyday. Every man should do this. It improves your posture by pushing your shoulders back and opening your chest.

A good place to practice your walk is the gym. That's where you can find the requisite big mirrors. Another advantage is that no one will care what you're doing. Most gym members pose, flex, walk, and watch themselves do reps. They won't even notice you.

Face the mirror from a distance and walk towards it. Look straight ahead. Focus on an imaginary horizon. Counterbalance: When you step forward with your left foot, your right arm should naturally swing forward. When your right foot comes forward, your left arm naturally swings forward.

Walk with a slightly cocky attitude --but not too much! In this case, less is more. This should be so subtle. Too much shoulder bouncing looks cartoonish.

When you reach the mirror, stop. The feet should be square with the shoulders. Pause. Allow your body to lean back. Step back with your right foot. Turn and begin the walk back with your left foot.

Walk. Stop. Pause. Lean back. Step back with right. Turn. Step with left. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Practice.

Catwalks are more difficult than they look. They take a lot of practice. You can perfect your turns at home and at the gym, but you can concentrate on your walk everywhere! You should always be on. With time, it'll get you noticed, it'll make you more confident, and it'll make guys want to get in your pants. You'll be the fucking man, dude!

Additional Photo Credits:
Horny Stare 2 -- Argentinian Model Juan Miguel;
Undressing Jock 3 --  Channing Tatum;
Poolside Fuck 4 -- Aden rides Jordan's dick in
     Malibu Heat from Falcon Studios.

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  1. hmmm... never thought about the masculinity of walking, its a good point, very interesting...