Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sexual Cleanliness is Next to Greek Godliness

I'm always ready to get laid. I have to be. My chances to fuck are often unpredictable, but my boys always find me clean. I shower every morning. If I take a dump, I take a half bath. I also hit the shower before jumping into bed naked. Got to keep the sheets clean.

This is no surprise. I grew up in a warm climate. Men in the tropics do the same, but what the fuck can we do in colder regions? Up north, frequent showers can really dry out your skin. The trick is in the soap. When it's cold, you can still shower twice a day by just soaping up your head, pits, dick, and ass. That way, you're clean, yet moisturized. When it's hot, soap up all over.

I like to look clean too, motherfuckers. I trim down my body hair. Some guys shave down, and more power to them. I can't. It makes me break out. I can shave my shaft and balls without any problem, though. Go figure. Anyway, we all look like hot, ancient Greek statues. I fucking love this style. Hell, I was trimming down before it became popular. When people asked, I told them I was a swimmer, which I was. I still am! The pool is a great place to meet guys.

Above all, I fucking act clean. I carry condoms and lube every time I go out. If a guy complains, I tell him, "Protecting me is protecting you." No guy protests after that. Have I had unprotected sex? Fuck yeah, but only with boyfriends I've had for a while. I have to know the fucker's disease-free and not the stepping-out kind.

When I fuck, I have good clean safe fun. I cover the bed with a slut comforter. My boy and I use condoms, but we squirt each other with lube, and sometimes sperm. We roll around and wrestle and don't give a fuck about the mess. (I don't rim. That's a good way to get parasites, bitches!) Then, I throw the slut comforter in the hamper.

I love showering with my boy after a sexual workout. (Gay male loud trade sounds like a gym!) Lathering up each other fucking rocks --and it prevents a lot of problems. We sleep together in a dry, clean bed, until we wake up horny again. No problem: I have several condoms --and comforters.

Photo Credits:
Pool Boy 1 -- Carlos Freire;
Locker Room Boy 2 -- Edilson Nascimiento;
Naked Couple Kissing 3 -- Photo by American photographer
     Clifford Baker, c. 2001;
Well Hung Shower Stud 4 -- Joseph Reitano;
Sleeping Lover 5 -- Model Johanne by French photographer
     Fred Goudon.


  1. Interesting post full of what I call common sense. Personal hygiene and safe sex go hand in hand. Was glad to hear you say you didn't rim your guy. I had a friend over in So. Africa that decided he was going to act on his gay feelings and he went all the way including rimming. He used a fruit flavored lube and said it was no problem. He had several heart brakes as he was 33 and he was dating 21 and 22 year old boys. He wanted a relationship. I kept telling him that a 21 year old guy isn't ready to settle down but he wouldn't listen and got hurt pretty bad a couple times, but it was his own fault. As far as I know he no longer dates and has his own apartment after moving out of his parents home. Only his sister knows he is gay.
    Would you mind giving your age? I can understand your not wanting to show your face. I have a friend that runs a porn site out of his home, but nobody knows about it. Could cost him his job. You've got so many comments to read. I like that you go into just enough detail to get your point across. I have a tendency to blabber a lot so hope that doesn't irritate you. ~Don

    1. Thanks for visiting our blog, Don, and thanks for the compliments. I am 40, to answer your question.