Friday, March 26, 2010

Blogger Swims Nude, Wins Comment Contest

John Pruitt, Bel Air (1986) by photographer Jim French is a striking illustration of male muscle in water. The contrast between light and shadow calls our attention to model John Pruitt's thick chest. His pecs are so big, they almost look like boobs! French is best known as the founder of the gay porn company Colt Studio. He retired in 2003.

Hey all you hot wankers! Your boy Juan Sebastián won another comment contest in mid-January. This time we conquered the Facebook page of We had to write about our best night outside the bar scene. Here's the winning entry:

My Best Non-Bar / Club Night

Once, I took a new guy who caught my eye to my friends' condo, because they had a pool. (I love midnight swims.) Poolside, I stripped off my clothes, and told my three companions to do the same. My boy wanted to swim in his boxers, but I wasn't having any of it: I told him, "We're all guys here," and I yanked his boxers off. After swimming a while, my boy and I went to the shallow end and fooled around a little. My aggression and exhibitionism must have impressed him. He became my boyfriend!

As a result, I won a free week of unlimited membership on Do I still have that boyfriend? No, he was a summer romance. We lived in different cities, and the distance got to be too much for him. Anyway, the weather's getting warm again, and the pool's a great place to take a guy. You'll know where to find me. I'll be swimming with the boys of summer. We'll all be naked, of course. Strip down and jump in!

Additional Photo Credit:
Four Naked Swimmers -- From left, Logan, Brent,
     Dawson, and Jesse star in The Gangbang
     by Corbin Fisher.


  1. I've never been in a pool with naked guys but I know I'd like it. Even at my age. I was in the Air Force and the showers were open as well as the toilets and that didn't bother me. Got to see some nice, well endowed bodies. This was in the mid 50's so nobody talked about being gay. I just finished watching your slide show which was very good, once I got it slowed down and on full screen. I usually don't watch man sex videos. Doesn't do me any good as I've had ED for the past 4 years so all you younger guys out their wank as often as you can and have lots of man sex if you're into that. I get a lot of satisfaction at collecting photos of the male physique in all forms. Have over 15,000 now with a very poor filing system that I'm trying to improve. You said you had a summer romance and that it's over. Thank goodness you aren't moaning all over the place like so many guys on fb. I'll shut up now and explore around your site a little more. Keep up the good work. ~Don

    1. Hey Don!
      We enjoy your your autobiographical comments, and we're certainly impressed that you've collected that many pictures of hot guys. Listen man, you might want to try eating citrus peel every day to fix your dick. Eating the peel of oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, or whatever actually reverses arteriosclerosis. It also helps to regularly exercise. In about two months or so, you might be screwing around like a teenager again --and without the need for ED drugs! We plan to write a post about this, but we wanted to give you a heads up first --pun intended.