Sunday, December 7, 2008

How I Conquered My Ticklish Frenulum

Andreas Stich (left) and Bobby Williams service each other in the porn film Hot Properties. The actors' poses and the camera angle form an artistic composition --a rare feat in depictions of 69. Even the rug is beautiful. The photo appears here courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios.

Doing 69 tickles me something fierce. There's just something about a guy's mouth upside down on my dick. It drives me wild! When I started trying to do 69, I'd burst out laughing.

A guy can suck me right side up or sideways all fucking day. He can even lick the entire underside of my dick. Being serviced the regular way ain't a problem, but when the roof of his mouth touches my underside, it sends me to the moon. Oh God!

With time, I've been able to steel myself. Believe me; it took a lot of tickles and laughter along the way. Man, I thought I'd never start getting over this. This is yet another example of practice making perfect!

For penis anatomy students, the dick underside just below the head is called the frenulum. It's the G-spot for some cut guys. (That's me!) It can contain a lot nerve endings. (No wonder I'm ticklish there.)

Things are a lot better, now that I can stand it. I still go to the edge of laughing and recoiling --oh fuck-- but I can control it. Finally, I'm enjoying what I've been missing.

Additional Photo Credits:
69 Sideways 2 -- Adam and Jack, BlakeMason (Adam is wearing
     the necklace);
69 Above and below 3 -- Perfect Cock 4, Gay No Limit.

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  1. A new term that I learn, "frenulum". I'm also cut guys so need to be prepare for that