Friday, July 2, 2021

Splooge with More Gay Male Haiku

Here are 25 additional haiku for gay guys. They "come" to me, when I wake up and feel the horniest, which makes sense. The male testosterone level peaks around 6 a.m. So, I draw inspiration from morning wood --and sex with my husband. When I'm the most randy, I'm the most creative. Poetic themes include pitching, catching, sucking, past loves, muscle fetishes, tricks of the trade, gay marital sex, my sensual Boy Scout days, and even a bit of the supernatural.
Cumming inside him,
I wed my husband to be,
My Greek god come true.
Standing over me,
You are naked and horny.
My hole is ready.


You touch my dickhead.
I become supererect.
I want to fuck you.


I rub his thick chest,
And wrap my legs around him.
While he fucks me hard.


With dark, curly hair,
Chris sported a hot, thick chest.
He was my first love.


I don't masturbate.
I save all my cum for him,
My manly husband.


Late in our fifties,
Our penises got longer.
We burn with more lust.


I met a demon,
During a hike through the woods.
We were both naked.


I wake up erect.
I glide it on my husband.
He wants me inside.


Enjoying my thrusts,
Working my lustful penis,
He makes me a man.


I cum inside him.
Yet, I keep fucking his ass.
Then, I slip out soft.


As I ride your dick,
I love how you fuck my ass,
And rub my prostate.


I piss on my hands.
I rub it on my penis,
So I last longer.


He sat there in bed.
His big pecs were glistening.
It was our first fuck.


They all lust him,
My hot, muscular husband.
He only wants me.


After bulking up,
I become what I lusted.
I would so do me.


Down in the basement,
He was ready for my dick.
So, I fucked him well.


Strong, brave, seductive,
Ejaculatory, and
Muscular are we.


I gave Charles goosebumps,
While caressing his tanned back.
We were all but 10.


You touched my hard cock,
And I came in the moonlight.
We were just 13.


You stood there naked,
At 16, with a big dick.
You said, "Let's shower."


At horny 15,
I slept my first night naked,
And had a wet dream.


I shot just a squirt,
At 13, but at 15,
I spewed globs of sperm.


I stand at your tent,
And you suck my erect cock.
Oh, fuck, you're the best.


I suck your dickhead,
Glide my lips down your canal,
And pleasure your balls.
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Photo credits:
Guy in Bed 1 -- Model Duncan Wade by photographer Patrick Milk /
     Blue Underwear by Cover Male;
Bathroom Fuckers 2 -- Origin unknown;
Space Cadet 3 -- Lance Guest in the 1984 film The Last Starfighter;
Well-Endowed Dude 4 -- Jacob Peterson;
Missionary Fuckers 5 -- Origin unknown;
Doggie Style 6 -- Jax Hayes fucks Phillip for Sean Cody;
Cock Puller 7 -- Muscle Dom masturbates for Straight Muscle Guys;
Gay Men in Bed 8 -- Origin unknown;
Naked Ripped Guy 9 -- Mike Carr;
Nude Muscular Frontage 10 -- Matt S (left) and Charlie by
     photographer Dylan Rosser;
Shower Boy 11 -- Colton Haynes in the 2011-17 TV series Teen Wolf;
Naked Pillow Boy 12 -- David Keith Miller from the 1974 magazine
     In Touch Portrait;
Sofa Fellatio 13 -- Jax Hayes sucks Kyle Fletcher for Sean Cody.