Tuesday, June 21, 2022

We Fuck Completely Naked Outdoors


We climb out of the second floor window onto the flat roof of the sun porch. We're completely naked, and even though the house is in a neighborhood, it's surrounded by thick forest. It's early in the afternoon, but no one can see us. We throw a comforter down, and my boy gets on all fours. We follow a general pattern. I like to catch in bed, but he likes to play catcher elsewhere.

Anyway, he moans, as I rub my hard, lubed cock on his ass. "Fuck me," he says. "Fuck me in broad daylight." I start to repeatedly push in a little and withdraw a little to prime his ass, but he suddenly tells me, "I'm okay. Fucking plunge in me. I want your cock inside me now."


I do as commanded; I push all the way in. "Oh, fuck yeah," I say. He's right. The sight of our naked bodies in the natural light outdoors makes my boy unusually receptive from the start. His ass is so open, so ready, so wanting.

I slowly start to thrust inside him, but he's in rare form. "I can take it like a man," he tells me. "Fucking pound my ass. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, you're the man. That's it. Oh, oh, oh, oh, rape me, you motherfucker! Oh yeah, fucking rape my ass, rape my ass, rape my ass! Ah, ah, ah, ah, stab it, boy. . .stab it. . . stab it!"

I furiously fuck his ass, faster than I've ever pounded him before. My fuck speed takes on a life of its own. There we are: two gay men jackhammering out in the open.

That running and weightlifting has paid off. Our athletic bodies glisten, as we enjoy the greatest fuck of our lives. I'm really letting him have it, while he's getting off on every violent thrust.

We fuck, as only two men can, but as we wildly pleasure each other, we become one, united in lust, bound in passion. He goes into ecstasy, as my dickhead constantly hits his prostate, and I enjoy the highest of all natural highs, while I skewer his welcoming ass with abandon. There we are, fucking uncontrollably and bathing in pure sexual pleasure.

"I'm cumming," I say, as he previously commanded me to do, during one of our early fucks. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm going to fucking cum!" All of a sudden, I shove my erect penis in his ass as far as I can go and spew a good 15 seconds of sperm inside him. My short, frequent, machine-gun breathing matches my dick squirting.

He loudly groans, as I fill his ass with cum. He thoroughly enjoys my cock convulsions inside him, as well as the wetter than wet feeling of catching my semen. My cum deposit turns him on so much that it makes him ejaculate on the comforter --and beyond! Oh, if that roof could talk...

Afterwards, I slowly fuck him some more. Non-alcohol moisturizer is the greatest lube, but cum makes my dick in his ass feel all the more slick. After such a flying-fuck workout, we enjoy slowing down. It's a great continuation of male bonding. We're both racked up and satisfied. 

My dick grows softer inside him, and his ass tickles me as it pushes me out. We collapse beside each other, beholding the early afternoon sky. When I catch my breath, I lay on top of him. Our wet, limp penises feel good pressed together.

We kiss and enjoy our post-animalistic state. We feel fantastic. We stripped, we fucked, we came, and we collapsed --all naked and all outside. Later, we hit the shower, and then refuel on crackers and chicken salad --still naked, of course. Next, we jump in bed and take a siesta, since we might fuck again --this being the weekend in our two-man nudist colony.

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Photo credits:
Two Men in Pre-Fuck Mode 1 -- Joshua Michael Brickman (left)
          and Steven Dehler for Photographer Jorge Su├írez;
Doggie Style 2, 3, and 4 -- Brodie fucks Sander for Sean Cody;
Two Naked Men on Grass 5 -- Kyle (above) and Lane Carson;
Post-Sex Kiss 6 -- Brodie (above) kisses Curtis for Sean Cody;
Post-Fuck Shower 7 -- Manny (left) kisses and fondles Devy in
          Palm Springs Getaway 2 for Sean Cody.