Monday, April 5, 2021

Get Horny Reading Gay Male Haiku

The haiku was originally a short, poetic form in Japanese. It first served as an introduction to longer poems in medieval times, but became an independent genre in the 1600's. Haiku in English began to appear in the early Twentieth Century. While several Japanese conventions are lost in translation, English haiku retains the 17 syllable limit. The three-verse, 5-7-5 syllable arrangement, however, is an English tradition.

I was inspired by a dream to write 25 gay male haiku. They reflect my sexual experience, as well as my obsessions with muscle and nudity. They range from the raunchy to the symbolic. Taken together, they are part autobiography and part aspiration --but not for polite company.


Strong, tanned, and naked,
I surf in long tubes, until
I wipe out in foam.


Then, I felt darkness,
Thrusting inside my first guy,
Who made me a man.


My first time catching,
I came on my abs and chest,
And felt transcendent.

My dick bounces, and
My thighs glisten with pre-cum,
As I run naked.


As two naked men,
We thrust in single rhythm,
And become one flesh.


Laying together,
We suck each other and form
A man-love circle.


Licking his nipples,
Rubbing his thick, hairy chest,
I knock at his door.


Instead of my shaft,
My boy grabs and shakes my balls;
I get super-hard.


A little in, out,
A bit in, out, in, out, and
Soon, you're inside him.


Alone in the pool,
I swim naked and erect,
As I fuck water.


I ride his hard-on,
As he pleasures my prostate,
And I shoot out sperm.


Start soft and gentle,
Slowly build up speed, and then,
Fuck like all get out.


We married naked,
With skull, candles, and vows, and
Later, we made love.


He took off his clothes,
To reveal his muscles, and
His big, flopping dick.


Naked with a spear,
I stand with my nude husband,
Who has angel wings.


With a torch held high,
And wings spread, he will father
A new race of men.


Young, tall, muscular,
He is, yet I say nothing;
I die in silence.


He lay nude in bed,
Watching me, as I undressed,
Waiting for my touch.


In the locker room.
I walk balls out and bare-assed,
As all real men do.


Under that palm tree,
I played with many a man.
Oh, if it could talk!


Stripped down to nothing,
I give you my thrusting lust,
My explosive love.


Balls for fathering;
Shaft for peeing and thrusting;
Head for pleasuring.


The cut among us
Cleanly fuck the masses to
Spread the religion.


He, the uncut male,
Sporting the wettest hard-on,
Easily glides in.


Pecs are courageous;
Biceps: strong; deltoids -- virile,
And abs, sensual.

Photo credits:
Ripped Asian Guy 1 -- Origin unknown;
Naked Surfer 2 -- Contestant of Tambaba Open of Naturist Surfing in 
          Brazil, circa 2014;
Couch Catcher 3 -- Stu takes Pavel's dick for Sean Cody;
Male Sixty-Nine 4 -- Marcus Mojo (above) and Vance Crawford;
Ball Pulling 5 -- Origin unknown;
Naked Swimmer 6 -- Origin unknown;
Dick Riding on Couch 7 -- Randy rides Nixon for Sean Cody;
Gay Pagan Wedding 8 -- Origin unknown;
Spear and Gourd 9 -- Skyler Hart (left) and Joseph Sayers in
          "Spartans" by Tom Cullis;
Nude Horny Man in Bed 10 -- Ahmed;
Locker Room Gaze 11 -- Origin unknown;
Fucking in the Sun 12 -- Matthew Bremer tops Trey for Corbin Fisher;
Naked Built Brothers on Dock 13 -- Kyle (left) and Lane Carson;
Muscle Dude While Partly Cloudy 14 -- Yasiel Fleites.